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Dancing on the Cutting Edge of the 21st Century

The New World Scottish Dancers is in the forefront of those moving into the 21st century, inspired by musicians and bands, most of which have traditional roots but who have moved into this century with innovative sound and arrangements which call for equally innovative dances to express their particular quality. Heather Farquhar, Lori Howard, and Claudette Sigg, have created dances to the compositions of Alasdair Fraser, J. Whelan, Phil Cunningham, Dougie Maclean, and Jerry Holland, and to the music of the Wicked Tinkers, Brother, Molly's Revenge, Seelyhoo, and Annwn.

Charles Clear, Zuriah Meacham, Bridget Sousa, Catherine Berner, and Christopher Berner, in the finale from "The Pipe Set From Hell." Music by Molly's Revenge.

Photograph taken by Lori Howard at Monterey, 2003.

Bridget Sousa, Charles Clear, and Clara Ackerman in "Revenge!" Music by Alasdair Fraser; choreography by Claudette Sigg.

Photograph taken by Sheila Sousa at Pleasanton, 2002.

Tristanne Kuharski & Zuriah Meacham in "Variations on a Theme of Charlie." Music by Seelyhoo; choreography by Lori Howard.
Photograph taken by Lori Howard at Pleasanton, 2003.

Clara Ackerman, Bridge Sousa, and Charles Clear "Revenge!" Music by Alasdair Fraser; Choreography by Claudette Sigg

Photograph taken by Sheila Sousa at Pleasanton, 2002.